Monday, September 23, 2013

Competition for the Monopoly of Valuations as the Default Form of Large-Scale Investment

The current default form of investment as securities trading is built on formulas for calculating the value of an expected future stream of wealth-creating events that have not happened yet as a specific price at a specific time.  It is actually based on two specific prices at two different times, one more specific than the other: the buy, and the sell.

Evergreen investing is different. Evergreen investing is built on sharing directly in wealth creation as it happens, over time. It works by agreement between enterprise and investment on formulas for sharing in enterprise cash flows, if, as and when they flow through the enterprise.

This is the form of investment that is the default choice for large-scale investors when investing in wealth creation of the real estate kind. Evergreen takes this form, and makes it available for investment in enterprise for wealth creation of any kind.

In the process, it is creating a new form of market for investment. One that offers a whole new choice.

It is a choice that will break the monopoly of the current default form.

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