Friday, August 2, 2013

Empowering People to Behave Differently

There is a widely popular perception in the world today that the current financial system is not working the way we need and want it to work. Specific causes for concern focus on a range of issues, from climate/environment/energy to economic inclusiveness/elitism to global community and endless shades of grey along the way.

There is, however, no consensus yet forming about what is to be done to make things better.

Many who are passionate about the need for change are really only interested in changing the way people behave within the system as it is currently constructed today. They are closed (hostile?) to any suggestion that we explore the possibilities of actually changing the way the system is constructed, in order to empower people to change the way they behave.

So this becomes perhaps the first, threshold question on which a consensus must be formed.

Is it enough to change the way people behave within the system as it now is, or do we need to change the system in order to empower people to behave in new and better ways?

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