Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Awakening the Sleeping Giants of Stewardship Investing

Divestment was the beginning. The campaign to end apartheid in South Africa showed the stewardship community that they are large, that they are powerful, and that the investment choices they make can move the world.

Shareholder activism is the transition to a full realization that stewardship investing affects global prosperity, for good or ill. It is not a question of whether, but only of how. Still, shareholder activism remains enthralled to the lords of investment banking, their minions of exponential growth, and the tyranny of transient trading on price.

Equity splits will set stewardship investing free. They are the key to unlocking the chains of speculation that are keeping stewardship investors from realizing their full power and import as large, perpetual and purposeful investors, to drive the economy away from the boom-and-bust of miscreant market manipulation and towards a more authentically sustainable prosperity, one in which we are truly able to always continue having enough, and to spare, for this generation and the next, on and on into the future indefinitely.

The future. That is our New Frontier. Stewardship. That is the rocket we can ride into this new frontier. Equity splits. They are the infrastructure we must construct to conquer that frontier.

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